For the past ten weeks, we have been writing articles debating and listing our top players at each position in the history of New York baseball. Now, with no more episodes of MSG’s “The Lineup”, we decided to have a little fun with the Mets, Yankees, Giants, and Dodgers selected, placing them into an actual “lineup” of sluggers. Since I’d rather have a DH instead of Christy Mathewson batting in my lineup, I’ll choose a player who was NOT named the best player at any one position. Anyway, here’s my lineup, managed by the final winner, Casey Stengel

Photo Credit: MSG

1. DH – Rickey Henderson (R) – (.279/.401/.411), 297 HR, 1115 RBI, 1406 SB
2. SSDerek Jeter (R) – (.317/.387/.458), 229 HR, 1099 RBI, 1606 R
3. CF Willie Mays (R) – (302/.384/.557), 660 HR, 1903 RBI, 338 SB
4. RF Babe Ruth (L) – (342./.474/.690), 714 HR, 2213 RBI, 2174 R
5. 3BAlex Rodriguez (R) – (.305/.389/.574), 590 HR, 1747 RBI, 299 SB
6. 1BLou Gehrig (L) – (.340/.447/.632), 493 HR, 1995 RBI, 534 2B
7. LFDave Winfield (R) – (.283/.353/.475), 465 HR, 1833 RBI, 540 2B
8. C Yogi Berra (L) -(.285/.348/.482), 358 HR, 1430 RBI, 13-time World Series Champion
9. 2BJackie Robinson (R) – (.311/.409/.474), 137 HR, 734 RBI, 197 SB

As you can see with my lineup, I sacrifice some power by adding Rickey Henderson as a DH instead of Reggie Jackson, Mickey Mantle, etc. However, I feel like speed added by Henderson, Jeter, Mays, and Robinson compliments  the power of the middle four in the order, who hit a total of 2,456 career home runs. My first and last two hitters in the lineup have more of a focus on getting on base and creating runs, which is exemplified by their average .386 OBP, 6018 career runs, and 1942 career stolen bases.

Overall, I feel like this lineup can be disputed in many ways. I just feel that this would be my theoretical lineup given the opportunities to have specific players. This lineup represents how I would have my ideal team; the key power sluggers in the middle with the first and last two in the lineup used to get on base create havoc. Also, I am a big fan of continuity in lineups, similar to how the modern Yankee lineup has Brett Gardner batting ninth and Derek Jeter batting leadoff. With a quick, slap hitter batting ninth, it’s almost like the lineup has two leadoff hitters. Jackie Robinson and Rickey Henderson would be very similar to those two.

Fellow NYSOS readers and writers, what do you think of my lineup? How would you have yours? Remember folks, Kenny and Jeff like the Mets, so don’t bash them for including Christy Matthewson in the 9-spot…

Credit: All stats used were found on Baseball Reference.