Typically, baseball fans as well as baseball “experts” will tell you that Memorial Day is the first time you can take a step back, see where your team stands, and ask yourself questions about where they’re going from here.

-Are they contenders?

-Can they realistically continue playing the way they are (or is their reason to believe their play will improve)?

-Will they be buyers or sellers at the trade deadline


Are the Mets Contenders?


The Mets lead the major league in walks issued, and continue to be without their three hitter. Carlos Beltran‘s return is still a question mark, and it will now be somewhat of a pleasant surprise if he comes back this year and is even a little bit productive. Even with that, the Mets are only 3 games behind the Phillies for the division lead (as well as 3 back of the Cardinals for the Wild Card).

That being said, they still need to improve their roster to have a real shot at getting themselves into postseason baseball.

Can the Mets continue their excellent play at home, while improving their record away from Citi Field?

This question remains to be seen. At the friendly confines of Citi Field, the Mets are a major league best 19-9, but on the road, they are downright awful. After losing two of three to the Brewers in Milwaukee, they are 7-16 on the road this season.

The 1987 Minnesota Twins did win the World Series with a 29-52 record on the road, but that’s a rarity. With 58 road games left, if the Mets can win 29 of them, and play .500 baseball away from New York, they can survive.

Are the Mets buyers or sellers at the deadline?

The Mets should be buyers from now until whenever it takes to find a way to land a starting pitcher. Dickey and Takahashi aren’t going to stay on this pace forever. With Perez banished, and both John Maine and Jonathon Niese injured, they need to complement Pelfrey and Santana with a legitimate third option. Can you say, Cliff Lee?

After a third of the season has now been completed, the Mets sit in a promising position. They’re playing relatively good baseball, and even though there is much they can improve on, they’re still only 3 games out of a playoff position.

What questions do you have for these Mets? And now that 1/3 of the season is over, have your expectations changed? What did you expect when the season began and what do you think now?

As always, enjoy the holiday, and remember why today exists.

Thank you all soldiers; past, present, and future!!