For as long as I can remember, Memorial Day has been about two vital things in American culture:

Our Armed Forces and Baseball.

We take this day to remember and thank all of our fellow Americans who have given their lives in order protect our freedoms. In honor of our American heroes, baseball tournaments are held all over of America. After playing in these tournaments for last 12 years, I know that the veterans flock to these games and love every minute of the action. In addition to amateur action, Major League Baseball also contributes on this holiday. Proceeds from the hat pictured below go to benefit the Welcome Back Veterans Fund.

Not only will you look cool, but you will support the Veterans!

In addition to the hat, Major League Baseball distributes tickets and honors various units around the country. We can’t ever repay them for the service that they’ve given us, but make sure you take the time to say thank you to each and every veteran or serviceman or servicewoman that you run in to today.  I know they’ll appreciate it.

Happy Memorial Day