The Dolan Family announced last week that they plan on updating the World’s Most Famous Arena.

For anyone who hasn’t been to the Garden recently, it has taken on more of an archaic feel. The scoreboard is not LED. The seats are not comfortable, at all. The concession starts are not easily accessible and there aren’t many entrances/exits.

Well, fear no more, MSG faithful. Madison Square Garden is set to take on this reclamation projection, set to finish by 2012, which includes the following:

A seat upgrade, to me, is the best improvement a team can make. If fans are comfortable in their seats, they are likely to come to more games and spend more money. As fans, we are likely the most comfortable watching games from the comforts of our own home. If a team can make it feel like home in their venue, fans will come!

With more and more new venues featuring state of the art technology, Madison Square Garden must keep pace. The arena has housed some of the best events ever in New York. Let’s hope that these subtle improvements will make the arena an even better experience for the fans.

Which Improvement Are You Looking Forward To?