The owners will sit down today decide which city will receive the 2014 Super Bowl bid.   The New Meadowlands Stadium is up against Sun Life Stadium (Miami) and Raymond James Stadium (Tampa Bay). Jets owner Woody Johnson and Giants co-owner John Mara will take a few minutes to persuade the owners that New York deserves to host this Super Bowl. A total of 75% of the owners(24 of 32) is needed to secure the bid. If none of the three venues receive 75% of the votes, owners will re-vote and which ever venue has the most total votes, will win the 2014 Super Bowl bid. The verdict will be aired live at 4:00 PM on the NFL Network.

Patriots owner, Robert Kraft has already publicly lobbied for New Jersey to host the 2014 Super Bowl, citing that he believes football should be played in all elements. Yes, Northern New Jersey’s average temperature is in the low 40s during February, but some of the most memorable football games have been played in cold weather. Why wouldn’t fans want to enjoy another cold weather game on the NFL’s biggest stage? If you argue that it’s too cold or may snow, you aren’t a real fan. Just stay at home and quit whining.

Another strong drawing point? Ecomomic activity.

Analysts are estimating that a New York Super Bowl could generate $550 million dollars worth of economic activity in the New Jersey/New York region. Due to the league’s revenue sharing guidelines outlined in the CBA, the Jets and Giants would not directly benefit from the stimulated economic activity, but could use the Super Bowl as leverage for naming rights on the new stadium. A large corporate sponsor may be willing to pay $400-$550 million for a lengthy-naming rights contract on the new stadium, a profit that the two teams will evenly divide.

Going into today’s meeting, New York has to be the front-runner to win this bid. New York has never hosted a Super Bowl and I honestly can’t think of one drawback against it. Super Bowl week would be great in the city. The Metropolitan area can house a lot of people and provide a ton of entertainment and excitement. Most importantly,  Commissioner Goodell is in favor of an New York Super Bowl, referencing many of the points above. Goodell seems to always get his way, which signals good news for New York landing this bid.

Are you for or against a New York Super Bowl?