Well folks, we’ve made it. The end of an eleven-week journey between New York State of Sports and MSG. Myself and fellow columnist, Matt Vereb, have tried to name New York’s top lineup but we remain unsuccessful, placing fifth and fourth in the overall standings, respectfully. In this final article for MSG’s “The Lineup”, we look at a position that isn’t quite one: the manager. Last week, we got our first player incorrect for the top player; I picked Tom Seaver, “The Lineup” picked Christy Mathewson. Hopefully, we can get back on our winning ways in Week 11, and get ten of eleven positions correct for MSG’s “The Lineup”, which airs at 10:30 PM on MSG.


  1. Casey Stengel – Brooklyn Dodgers (1912-1917, 1934-1936), New York Giants (1921-1923), New York Yankees (1949-1960), New York Mets (1962-1965) The first, and only, person in the history of baseball to be a part of all four Major League teams from the great city of New York. Casey Stengel was by far the best manager in the history of New York sports. He had a managerial record of 1908-1842. He won seven World Series titles and was elected to Cooperstown in 1966.
  2. Joe Torre – New York Mets (1975-1981), New York Yankees (1996-2007) The “manager”, for as long as my young fan’s memory can remember. He took the team to twelve straight playoff appearances as the manager, winning four World Series titles.
  3. John McGraw – New York Giants (1902-1932) The manager of the old New York Giants for an astounding 31 years, John McGraw was the winner of 2793 games as a manager, best for second all-time. He won a total of three World Series as a player/manager.
  4. Davey Johnson – New York Mets (1984-1990) Although some may feel that he is on this list for being the Mets’ manager of the 1986 championship team, he has many accomplishments which include being a four-tome all-star as a player and a three-time Gold Glover. He won the most game in Mets’ history.
  5. Billy Martin – New York Yankees (1950-1957, 1975-1978, 1979, 1983, 1985, 1988) Those dates having such a gap is very interesting. And that is the only word that can describe the electric relationship between Billy Martin and Yankees’ owner, George Steinbrenner. Despite differences that resulted in Billy Martin being fired four times, Martin still won five World Series as a member of the New York Yankees.

After all of these weeks, we’ve named our lineup, and we’ve just named our manager. Who do you have as our manager for our team? Be sure to log on to MSG’s “The Lineup” to name yours!