Major League Baseball released a list of their top AL vote getters by position. Three Yankees are currently leading their respective positions. Surprisingly, Randy Winn is not one. Joe Mauer is the current top voter receiver in the AL.

C- Joe Mauer 644,533; (Jorge Posada 2nd 287,486)
1B- Mark Teixeira 396,034; 100,000 vote lead over Justin Moreanu
2B- Robinson Cano 491,188; 200,000 vote lead over Dustin Pedoria
3B- Evan Longoria 541,243; (Alex Rodriguez 2nd, 411,096)
SS- Derek Jeter 639,221; 400,000 vote lead over Elvis Andrus
OF- Ichiro Suzuki 366,903
OF- Carl Crawford 319,953
OF- Nelson Cruz 307,928
(Curtis Granderson, 5th, 264,572; Nick Swisher, 7th, 229,944, Brett Gardner, 8th, 224,035)
DH- Vladimir Guerrero 374,344