Moments after the Cleveland Cavaliers were knocked out in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals, LeBron James began fielding questions about his impending free agency. At that press conference, there was virtually no talk or discussion about how well the Boston Celtics played or how his team mates took the loss. It was all about his next landing spot and quite frankly, I’m tired of hearing about it already and here’s why:


#1 NBA Free Agency Does Not Begin Until July 1st

Last time I checked, there are still four teams vying for an NBA Championship. All four of these teams have worked hard and deserve recognition. The Boston Celtics have been playing great basketball. The Lakers are aiming for back-to-back championships. Gritty Steve Nash is playing with a huge gash under his right eye. The story lines and star power is there.

However, TV shows, blogs, newspapers, etc. have pretty much pushed the NBA/NHL playoffs and baseball aside to talk about LeBron James.  We already know that James is a polarizing figure. We know that a half dozen teams will wine and dine James in hopes of landing him, but James isn’t a free man until July 1st. Plus, he has a player option with the Cavaliers for 2011. Everyone knows that he’s opting out the deal in order to get paid. But is all this coverage necessary right now?

Everyone wants to know where he’s going, but let’s start talking about that the week before free agency begins. I made an educated guess about his landing spot, but now I’m finished talking about it until the time gets closer. I expected the media to key in on LeBron mania after the Cavs finished their season. I didn’t expect the world to become obsessed with it.

#2 New York City Doesn’t Need LeBron James


Would it be nice to have him? YES

Does the city need him? NO

Everyone seems to be under this spell that New York (either the Knicks or Nets) need LeBron and that couldn’t be further from the truth. Yes, both teams were bad god awful last season, but this free agent class is so deep that a number of player combinations could help either team. Notable free agents include Chris Bosh, Amare Stoudemire, Joe Johnson, Carlos Boozer, and Dwayne Wade. I don’t expect Wade to come to the city, but the other four definitely could. Carmelo Anthony is also set to become a free agent next year, so he’s another potential target in the future. The Knicks and Nets have options. Losing out on James wouldn’t be the end of the world.

New York needs Derek Jeter. New York needs Mariano Rivera. Losing one of them would be devastating. Losing out on LeBron wouldn’t be.

#3 LeBron James Loves the Attention

He never went to college. Most college scouts believed he’d go from high school straight into the pros, so they didn’t even bother recruiting him. This summer is his first go-around on the ‘Recruit LeBron’ circus. Expect him to enjoy every moment of it and prolong the agony of NBA fans and front office personnel all across the world. Honestly, I wouldn’t expect him to sign until August. He knows that every team wants him, so why not enjoy every moment of it? All of the major sports outlets will attempt to decipher his every move in hopes of extracting clues.

‘LeBron is spotted in New York City….HE’S GOING TO THE KNICKS!”

‘LeBron meets with President Obama at a White Sox game…BULLS IT IS!”

‘LeBron was talking to Jay-Z, HE’S A NET!!”

So for the next six weeks, enjoy all of the garbage the media will feed you about LeBron James. Could he go here? Maybe there?

I could really care less about where he’s going right now. I’ll be paying attention to things that matter.