As many of you already know, the Yankees have been ravaged by injuries. The Yankees currently have six players injured with four of them currently on the disabled list. Here’s a list of the MASHEES.

Come Here Nick Johnson!

Listed By: Player Name, Injury, Expected Return

#1 Nick Johnson, Right Wrist, August 1st: Nick Johnson recently underwent successful right wrist surgery. He will not be able to swing a baseball bat for four-to-six weeks so I’m not expecting him back before August. The guy has been constantly injured and the Yankees gamble did not pay when they inked him this winter. If you are really curious to see his laundry list of injuries, visit this site and search for him. It’s a little obscene.

#2 Alfredo Aceves, Lower Back, Early June: The Yankees placed Aceves on the disabled list on May 9th with a bulging disc in his lower back. He left that game against the Red Sox in apparent pain. He has been receiving cortisone shots and will hopefully return by early June. The Yankees need him back in there to stabilize that bullpen.

#3 Jorge Posada, Foot, Late June, Early July: An MRI revealed a hairline fracture in Posada’s foot last night and the Yankees are placing him on the DL. Typically these injuries take roughly a month or so to heal.

“It’s not going to take that long,” Posada said. “They can say whatever they want to say. I’ll be here before that.”

Posada sounds confident that he will be back in two weeks, but it really depends on how quickly the bone heals in his foot. Late June is a more realistic return date for Jorge.

#4 Curtis Granderson, Groin, Early June: The Yankees lost Granderson to a Grade 2 groin injury on May 2nd. He has been taking batting practice and partaking in running drills recently, so his return will be within the next few weeks. Teams typically do not push players back too early that have groin injuries. The groin can easily be re-injured and more time will have to be spent on the disabled list. Knowing Brian Cashman and Joe Girardi, they typically err on the side of caution whenever injuries happen. I expect this situation to be no different. The Yankees are really missing some left-handed pop in their order, so they need Granderson back in there.

#5 Nick Swisher, Left Bicep, ????: The Yankees have not placed Swisher on the disabled list, but he has not played since Sunday. Swisher even personally told me that he was playing on Tuesday against the Red Sox, but that did not happen. Swisher apparently has a lot of pain when he swings left-handed, so he has been limited to righty swings only. If we don’t see Swisher back when the Yankees face a left-handed pitcher (Friday, Sunday), then I’m not sure what to think…

#6 Marcus Thames, Ankle, Day-To-Day: Marcus Thames injured himself by stepping on his own bat while running to first base last night (Yes, laugh). He isn’t going to the disabled list, but who knows at this point.

The Yankees are really, really thin in the outfield, so expect them to call up Greg Golson and send Mark Melancon back to Triple A. The Yankees have super utility player, Ramiro Pena, who is capable of playing every fielding position, but his strengths are in the infield.  Catcher is another problem. The Yankees will probably place Nick Johnson on the 60-Day, opening a spot for the Yankees to add catcher, Chad Moeller from Triple A. We wouldn’t see Johnson until July 20th if the Yankees went this route.

As Yankee fans, I think we consider ourselves pretty lucky that none of the Yankees top players have been injured. Alex Rodriguez’s injury was devastating to the team last year (started 14-16 in 2009). The Yankees are currently 25-15 and their starting pitching, for the most part, has been great. It has essentially carried the team so far.

Also, fans shouldn’t make any excuses when it comes to the Yankees. Outside of Nick Johnson, none of these injuries are long-term. All of the aforementioned players should be back in the lineup within the next month.

Luckily for the Yanks, the schedule is in their favor. For the next month or so, the Yankees play 17 of 29 games at home. Home series’s include sub-500 teams, (Orioles, Indians, Astros, Mets). The only tough road series comes against the Twins next week.

I wouldn’t panic. The Yankees are playing .625 baseball and none of the big fish are on the shelf. All of this injury intrigue will make winning even sweeter.