The stage was set tonight for the resurgence of the New Jersey Nets. The Nets had a 25% chance of landing the #1 overall draft pick, the best odds of any team in the lottery. The NBA announces the draft order from #14 (the worst) to #1 (the best). So when the final three teams were announced, the Sixers, Wizards, and Nets, I thought the Nets had it in the bag. The Wizards and Sixers had the 5th and 6th best odds, respectively, but landed picks #1 and #2. The Nets will draft 3rd. So where does this mean for the Nets?

This was the worst possible scenario for the Nets. With Kentucky point guard John Wall and Ohio State guard Evan Turner as the consensus top picks in this year’s draft, the Nets will have to settle for either Georgia Tech Freshman power forward, Derrick Favors or Syracuse Junior small forward, Wesley Johnson, barring a trade.

Favors has arguably the most raw talent in this year’s draft class. Standing at 6’9”, Favors averaged 12.4 points and 8.4 rebounds per game. He has freakish athletic ability and proved to be a good post defender for the Yellow Jackets. Favors isn’t the home run that the Nets were hoping for, but he has a lot of upside. ESPN Insider, Chad Ford seems to agree with this assumption. Here’s his analysis on Favors:

Analysis: The Nets have to be disappointed that they didn’t get Wall, but Favors was ranked No. 2 on our Big Board at the beginning of the season and he would fit a need. Actually, Favors has the raw talent to be the best player in the draft down the road, and resembled a young Antonio McDyess.

While he wouldn’t be the immediate franchise player the Nets hoped for, Favors could be a very good pick.

Big East Player of the Year, Wesley Johnson, would give the Nets an automatic scoring boost. Johnson averaged 16.5 PPG for the Syracuse Orange while shooting 42% from three-point range. If the Nets are truly targeting LeBron James, they will pass on Johnson and add favors. However, I think the LeBron James ship has sailed now that Wall will not be a Net.

I outlined my plan for the Nets last week, but that plan isn’t possible now. I really don’t think the Wizards would give up the #1 pick unless a team completely sold out for it. The Wizards traded three starters last season (Antawn Jamison, Caron Butler, and Brendan Haywood), so they are completely in rebuild mode. Pairing John Wall with the disgruntled Gilbert Arenas would give the Wizards a dynamic back court. It’s not a bad place to start the rebuilding process.

The Sixers will take Evan Turner at #2. The Sixers are looking to trade Andre Iguodala and selecting Turner may help them accomplish that goal.

Overall, this was the worst possible scenario for the Nets. They will not get their impact player in the draft.

Could the Nets trade? Maybe. To get the #1 pick, they’d have to give up picks #3, #27, and a cheap, young player(think Terrence Williams or Courtney Lee). Washington may not even be shopping the pick for all we know.

How upset and disappointed are Net fans? Do you think the NBA’s draft determination process is fair?