Mike Francesa interviewed Mikali Prokorov today on WFAN. Prokorov had a lot of interesting things to say about the Nets franchise and his vision for the future.

REUTERS/Brendan McDermid

If you want to listen to the entire interview, here’s the link.

Here’s just a summary of the main points from the interview:

  • The Nets will become the first global team ever in the NBA. He will be able to attract large international opportunities for his players.
  • He has never heard of LeBron James.
  • Prokorov is confident that the Nets will have a great team next year and make the playoffs.
  • They will win a championship in five years.
  • The Barclay Center will be open 26 months from now.
  • He was not upset getting the 3rd overall pick in the draft, but rather is excited.
  • He wants to add the ‘element of surprise’ to the Nets. Not too sure what that means.
  • The Nets will keep Rod Thorn as President of the team.
  • Kiki will not be back as Head Coach.
  • He wasn’t going to buy the Nets unless they were going to move to Brooklyn.
  • Growing up, Prokorov loved Larry Bird and Michael Jordan.
  • Prokorov wanted to originally buy the Knicks from the Dolan Family, but the team wasn’t for sale.
  • Prokorov thinks New York City is big enough for the two teams.
  • He doesn’t know a ton about NBA basketball, but owned the premiere club Russian basketball team.
  • Francesa will be on the air talking to the Russian audience about the Nets in the next few weeks.

Overall, I think Nets fans need to be encouraged about this interview. The guy is from Russia and listening to him talk reminded me of Ivan Drago. I think he’ll pull out all the stops to land LeBron James. Who knows, maybe he has some insane marketing deal for him that would help LeBron become the first billion dollar athlete? Whatever the case is, I believe in this guy and as sports fans, we’ve never seen someone so, mysterious? I felt like he was playing mind games with Francesa and it was great. After that interview, I’ll make this statement.

Here it is: The Nets will make the playoffs next season.