Apparently the closed-door meeting between Jerry Manuel and Jeff Wilpon had nothing to do with his job, but how long of a leash does the New York Mets manager really have?

Mike Lupica of NY Daily News discusses how Minaya deserves to be in the hot seat over Manuel.

In a way I agree and disagree with Mike. I feel that Minaya has done a horrible job in improving the team in areas that are most necessary for the Mets to win (ie. Mets pitching staff), but Jerry works with these players directly, and if they aren’t responding, the blame falls more on the skipper.

Dave Doyle of Bleacher Report believes that Howard Johnson should be in the same position as Manuel at this point.

I definitely agree with Dave in a sense that Johnson’s job is to work with the offense, and he’s been far less than adequate in that area. The Mets biggest hitters are struggling in areas that they haven’t in the past. David Wright is striking out at an alarming rate and Jason Bay only has one homerun in his first 39 games. However, HoJo has been a huge part of the Mets organization since the Mets won the 1986 World Series. They have tremendous respect for him, and even if he does get fired as their hitting coach, the Mets will find another place for him.

My Overall Thoughts On Manuel:

  • He has made some questioning moves to the starting lineup and bullpen all season long.
  • His record as Mets manager is 144-150, and only 89-112 in the past two seasons–pretty disappointing.
  • The next closed-door meeting between Manuel and Wilpon WILL be about his job.
  • The Mets have an important stretch against the Nationals, Yankees, and Phillies, and Jerry¬†has until the end of the Phillies series to get this team back to .500.
  • If he does get fired, his replacement could be Wally Backman, or they may go the route of promoting Ken Oberkfell from Triple-A Buffalo.

What are YOUR thoughts on the managerial situation? Who would you fire, if not Manuel?