Adam and I got to meet and talk with Nick Swisher tonight. Let me tell you, he’s no different in person than he seems on television. He was running around, shaking everyone’s hand, putting people in headlocks, trashing the Red Sox, talking about his ADD. He was constantly telling all of us that you need to do something that you love and you’ll always be just as happy as he is. That’s the key in life.

Overall though, the guy is a riot. We got to do a quick interview with him and here’s what he had to offer:

M.V. How does the bicep feel? When can we expect you to come back?

N.S. ‘I’m feeling a lot better, man. I hate sitting. I expect to be in the lineup tomorrow (Tuesday) against Beckett. Now, that’s some good hitting man!’

M.V. We need you back in there Swish. ‘Who’s the toughest pitcher that you faced in your career?’

N.S. ‘John Lackey. I have trouble with his breaking stuff, but I’ve been working with Kevin Long a lot in the off-season’

M.V. ‘How do you feel about being one of the fan favorites in New York?’

N.S. ‘I loved it. I love the creatures (Bleacher Creatures) in right field. But pretty much, I was in a bad situation in Chicago and the Yankees saved me. I was in complete awe when I came to Spring Training. I couldn’t believe that I was playing with Jeet(Derek Jeter) and Al (Alex Rodriguez). I had to take my game to a whole new level or else my ass was getting shipped out of town!’

M.V. ‘What’s the best part about being a Yankee?’

N.S. ‘The tradition of the team. How often do you see four guys (Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, Jorge Posada, Andy Pettitte) play 15, 16 seasons together? It just doesn’t happen and that’s what makes the Yankees special. I know what’s expected of me and I give them my all every time out on the field.’

M.V. ‘AJ’s pies: Shaving cream or Whipped Cream’?

N.S. ‘Hahahaha. The one time he got me last season, it was shaving cream. After he got me, he told me ‘Don’t eat it, we were out of whipped cream!’. But it’s normally whipped cream pies.’

M.V. ‘How did you like pitching last season in Tampa Bay?’

N.S. ‘Hahahaha. I told skip (Joe Girardi) that I could do it. But when I took that ball, I was just saying to myself, ‘Man, I hope they don’t hit it back at me’. I’m used to playing 250 feet away from the ball, not 60 feet. At least my career ERA is a perfect, 0.00’

M.V. ‘Will you bring back the famous ‘Swish Hawk’ haircut?’

N.S. ‘Hahaha, yes. I just need my hair to get a little longer first. I did it last year because one of my friends was going through chemotherapy so I wanted to honor her with it. She always thought it was cool.’

M.V. ‘Who’s your best friend on the team?’

N.S. ‘Definitely have to say Gardy(Brett Gardner). We get along great and the kid is a riot’.

Nick with writer Adam Poedubicky

If anyone reading this ever has the opportunity to meet or interact with Nick, you won’t be disappointed. He took time to meet with each person in our small group and was nice enough to complete this interview with me. A total class act and a true Yankee. Swish is the man.