Match-Up: Boston Celtics (0-0) at Orlando Magic (0-0)

Orlando Sentenial

In this prop, Streak for the Cash players will get to choose the higher total from either:

A) Boston Celtics 3-Pointers Made OR:
B) Orlando Magic Winning Margin

Orlando has provided the best defense against the three-point shot this post-season, allowing only 29% of threes to fall. In eight games this post season, the Bobcats and Hawks have only made 29 threes. (Atlanta ranked 9th in three-point efficiency during the regular season).  The Magic’s success can be attributed to their lengthy perimeter defense(Rashard Lewis, Vince Carter) as well as their tenacious point guard, Jameer Nelson.

The Celtics are an average three-point shooting team. They finished 17th during the regular season, making 34.8% of three-pointers. During the playoffs, they are 6th best (37.2%).

Orlando went 3-1 against the Celtics this season with an average margin of victory of five points. The Celtics made 23 of 76 threes (30.2% efficiency). The Celtics did have one outlier of a game where they knocked down 12 of 26 three-point shots in a 96-94 loss. If we take out that game, the Celtics only shot 11 of 50 from three-point land against the Magic in three games(3.66 threes per game).

In their clinching game against the Cavs, the Celtics made 5 of 17 threes. The Orlando Magic opened as six point favorites for Sunday’s contest.

I’m picking the Magic’s winning margin to outweigh the Celtics’ three-point total. I think the C’s will be a little tired after an emotional series win only a few days earlier. The Magic defend the three-point shot well. The Magic will rely upon Dwight Howard early and often in this contest. The Magic will be well-rested and have yet to lose a game during this post-season.

The Pick: Magic Winning Margin

May Record: 7-8