We’ve heard all day that the Jets current personal seat license (PSL) problem may cause blackout of televised home games. However, Neil Best of Newsday is reporting that the Jets will pay the NFL the face value of the remaining unsold ticket to ensure there is no blackout.

Owner Woody Johnson acknowledged to the New York Post that the number of PSLs currently unsold is over 10,000. However, Johnson and his aggressive sales team are confident that they will sell out before Opening Night on September 13th.

“We’ve said pretty consistently throughout the whole process that we plan to sell out by opening day, and that we’re going to need that time to sell out,” Matt Higgins , the team’s executive vice president for business, said Wednesday.

Overall, I think it’s a little stupid for Jets management to throw around the dreaded ‘B-word’ when it’s only May 13th. The Jets have a very exciting roster and have Super Bowl hopes. Threatening fans to shell out thousands of dollars for PSLs or they’ll be blacked out is a little dumb.

In 2007, Forbes valued the Jets at $967 million, 10th highest in the league. With the inception of a new stadium and the success from last season, the Jets value is definitely increasing. Why hold the fans hostage?

Side Note: The Giants are rumored to only have 1,500 PSLs remaining, all of which are premium PSLs, which ultimately do not affect blackout counts.