The weather has already caused problems once this past weekend. Mother Nature chalked up another victory yesterday.

The Yankees will play a double header today. Javier Vazquez will start the first game and Phil Hughes will pitch the night cap.

After last night’s wash out and the team’s recent pitching injuries, the Yankees NEED Javier Vazquez to turn in a solid performance this afternoon and here’s why:

Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

In most cases, a rain out will benefit the elder Yankees. In this scenario, a rain out was the worst thing possible for the club. The Yankees will send out Javier Vazquez, who has averaged 4 2/3 innings in his five starts, for the first game of the twinbill. If history repeats itself, the Yankees will have to empty out their already short bullpen. Long-man Sergio Mitre started Monday’s contest and won’t be available. The steady Alfredo Aceves will be put on the DL. The Yankees will have righties David Robertson, Ivan Nova, Joba Chamberlain, and Mariano Rivera at their disposal. Lefties Damaso Marte and Boone Logan are also available. Given the volatility of relievers, each of these players will only be available for one game, further emphasizing the importance of a solid Vazquez start.

In addition to Vazquez’s start, the Yankees will need length from Game 2 starter, Phil Hughes. Hughes has been a stalwart in the Yankee rotation so far, averaging over six innings per contest. More impressively, he has thrown seven innings in back-to-back starts. If Vazquez falters and the bullpen is used up, Hughes will be asked for a minimum of six innings. Hughes has never thrown more than 86 innings in one major league season. He is already up to 32 innings on the season. Granted, Hughes will not throw 200+ innings this season, but he will not be able to keep up this pace all season. The Yankees will keep Hughes’ innings in check, as long as his hand isn’t forced by a situation that may arise tonight.

Since the Yankees are set to put Aceves on the disabled list, a move will follow. The team may opt to call-up lefty swinging Juan Miranda from Triple A. Miranda(.260/.371/.438) has clubbed five home runs for Triple A affiliate, Scranton Wilkes Barre and would provide some pop off the bench. The Yankees may also opt to fly either Mark Melancon or Jon Albaledejo to Detroit and activate one in between games in case of an emergency. Infielder Kevin Russo would likely be the causality in this case.

Update: 10:30 PM: Outfielder Greg Golson, not Juan Miranda, is the player on the bench today.

While the Yankees are a bit short and may stand at a disadvantage for the rest of this series, the Tigers benefited from yesterday’s rain out. Because Dontrelle Willis was scratched, the Tigers needed to use six relievers in order to win Monday night’s contest. Had the teams played last night and the Yankees got to Tiger starter Rick Porcello early, the Tigers were doomed. However, the rain out will give Joel Zumaya(33 pitches), Eddie Bonine(34 pitches), and Jose Valverde(14 pitches) another day to rest.

With Thursday’s series finale scheduled for 1:05 PM, whoever’s bullpen is less taxed after Wednesday will stand at a great advantage. Granted, Thursday’s starters are notorious for pitching deep into games (CC Sabathia(47 innings) vs. Justin Verlander(42 innings), but occasional bad start can always crop up.

In a rare occasion, Yankee fans will get to watch three baseball games in the next 24 hours. However, Javier Vazquez’s Game 1 start will impact the next two games. The Yankees did not want a bad Vazquez start to cost them the series against Boston. A bad start tomorrow may cost them a four-game sweep in Detroit.

Talk about three games for the price of one.