So we are only about six hours away from Javier Vazquez’s next start. What will tonight’s headlines read?

Vazquez Torn Up By Tigers? or Vazquez Victimizes Kitties?

In either case, the Yankees decided early last week that they were going to skip Javy’s scheduled start, Friday in Boston. Phil Hughes plugged that gap and the Yankees ended up punishing the Red Sox behind Hughes’ masterful performance. So, in retrospect, was skipping Javy the best decision for the club?

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It was. Even though they didn’t say it, the Yankees did not want to empty out their bullpen during the first game of the series against the Red Sox, had Vazquez got bombed again. Even though I was on ‘Team Start Javy”, in retrospect, the Yankees made the right decision. The Yankees probably get swept if Vazquez got knocked around on Friday.  The bullpen would have been short heading into the weekend and the weather caused problems with the starting pitching on Saturday.

Yes, I know Josh Beckett has been bad, but still, anything can happen during those Boston slug fests. We saw that first hand last year when AJ Burnett blew a 6-0 lead in Fenway and the Yankees lost 16-11.

Instead of Friday’s start, Vazquez threw an extensive bullpen session last Tuesday. Apparently, Joe Girardi and pitching coach, Dave Eiland were happy with the results. They made sure that Vazquez’s body was heading in the same direction as his pitches were. I profiled ‘why I’m not worried about Javy Vazquez’ a few weeks ago and had a similar diagnosis about his mechanics. Granted, I’m not a professional, nor attempt to be, but as a fan, you can tell when someone’s mechanics are off and his have been.

The Yankees dove into the Tiger series knowing that they made the right decision by skipping Vazquez. Now, the Yankees will ask Vazquez to stop their two-game losing streak. Let’s hope we see the Javy of 2009 instead of that 2010 impostor.

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