Today, New York Jets head coach, Rex Ryan announced that the team will have its own version of ‘The Biggest Loser”. Ryan will compete against defensive tackle, Kris Jenkins, and offensive tackle, Damien Woody in a three-month contest to see who can lose the most weight.

Who ya Got???

Ryan has told the media that he has already dropped nearly 40 pounds this off-season due to a liquid diet. He currently tips the scales at 311 pounds and is looking to drop even more weight. Ryan does not consider Jenkins or Woody to be over-weight, but believes that each could be more effective by playing lighter.

Obviously Ryan does not want Jenkins or Woody to lose 50+ pounds, thus making them ineffective in his schemes. The 330 pound Woody would be quicker if he dropped a safe, 15-20 pounds. The same can be said for the 360-pounds Jenkins. Ryan and his staff want to promote a healthy camp filled with team spirit, something that they should be commended for.

So what does the contest entail?

As of today, Ryan, Woody, and Jenkins will start the weight loss competition. They will weigh in at the team facilities each Friday and whoever loses the most total weight before the first day of training camp(July 30th), will be the winner. The winner will then get to donate a specified amount to the charity of his choice.

This competition is a great way for the Jets to start off the Spring. They can build fun competition between the offensive unit(Woody), defensive unit(Jenkins), and administrative staff(Ryan).

So here’s your break down, get ready to pick your ‘pony’:

Kris Jenkins- Defensive Tackle; 6’4, 360 lbs.
Damien Woody- Offensive Tackle; 6’3, 330 lbs.
Rex Ryan- Head Coach, 6’1, 311 lbs.

My money is on Ryan. He’ll pay people off if he has to in order to win. I say Rex will be down to 275 before training camp. Who do you think wins?

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