I can’t believe that people are making such a huge deal about this. Last night at the Phillies/Cardinals game, some idiot 17-year-old kid ran onto the field. After the cops chased this kid around for 30 seconds or so, they tasered him and he dropped like a fly.


Reaction: Some people have been saying that this is an outrage, claiming that the kid possessed no threat to the players. But how do they know this?? What if he had a knife and was going after a player? What if he stabbed that player? How would the police force look then? What if an unwanted guest stepped foot on your property? What would you do then?

Bottom line, the kid was trespassing on private property. The cops and security are legally permitted to do whatever means necessary to remove him. It’s not like they tasered him as soon as he step foot on the field. He continued to run, and run, and wave that stupid Phillies flag until he was tasered down. If it was me, I would have tasered him a few times while he was on the ground. Make an example of him so no one else is stupid enough to try something like this again.

Here’s the most shocking part: He even asked his dad if this was appropriate prior to the game. His dad said something along the line of “I don’t think it’s a good idea”. If I was ever stupid enough to ask my father this question, he would say, “Don’t bother coming home”. He allegedly wasn’t drunk or on drugs.

The problem with society is that no one wants to take responsibility for their actions anymore. No one wants to take the responsibility of having a bad mortgage, or getting into legal trouble. It’s never anyone’s fault if they break the law. A police officer’s job continues to become more difficult each day. So now, they have to worry about 17-year-old idiots that run onto the field?

So let it be known, if you act like a jackass at a baseball game, you will be rightfully tasered.

Do you agree with this or were the police out of line?