Match-Up: Atlanta Hawks(2-3) at Milwaukee Bucks(3-2)

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The Milwaukee Bucks (30-13 Home) will be looking for the first round knock out punch on Friday night. After dropping the first two games in Atlanta (19-24 Road), the Bucks have responded by winning three straight contests. A large part of that turn around can be attributed to guard, Brandon Jennings. Jennings has averaged 20.8 PPG and 4 APG this series. He has been complimented by his back court team mate, John Salmons who has averaged 20 PPG.

The key to this series has been three-point shooting. In each of the Bucks’ three victories, they have shot 38% or better from long range. They shot 18% and 29% respectively in each of their two losses. The Bucks shot 42% from three-point range in Game 5 while the Hawks only shot 18%. The Bucks three-point conversion against the Hawks perimeter defense will be the key in this game.

The Hawks have one of the deepest, most talented teams in the league. However, they are lacking motivation. These teams have put up virtually indentical lines in terms of rebounding, assists per games, and turnovers. Ultimately, the three-point shot will determine the winner.

This is why I’m going with the Bucks. They are 3-1 against the Hawks at home and have shot 42% from three-point range at the Bradley Center.

The Pick: Milwaukee Bucks

April Record: 19-10

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