I don’t want to steal Dave’s article, but I figured since this is a New York sports blog, there should be a prediction for both baseball teams. Here’s what I think the 2013 New York Mets roster will look like:


Catcher Josh Thole
First Base Ike Davis
Second Base Ruben Tejada
Shortstop Jose Reyes
Third Base David Wright
Left Field Wilmer Flores
Center Field Kirk Nieuwenhuis
Right Field Jeff Francoeur
Bench Player  1 Fernando Martinez
Bench Player  2 Daniel Murphy
No. 1 Starter Johan Santana
No. 2 Starter Mike Pelfrey
No. 3 Starter Jon Niese
No. 4 Starter Dillon Gee
No. 5 Starter Jimmy Fuller
Closer Jenrry Mejia

Instead of using a DH (obviously since the Mets are an NL team), I provided two bench players. As you can see, Oliver Perez is not among the pitching staff (thank god!), since he is only signed through 2011. I can only imagine the Mets won’t re-sign him. I also have Fernando Martinez on the bench, not in the starting outfield. Most scouts project him to be a rightfielder, but I do not think the Mets will let Jeff Francoeur go. He is the type of player that they need, with the leadership and grit he brings to the table. Also, F-Mart has yet to prove he can stay healthy to be an everyday major league player. Centerfielder Kirk Nieuwenhuis has shown he is a five-tool player at every level he’s played at. He stays on the field and has only improved as he’s matured. With Beltran’s contract expiring in 2011, I do not expect the Mets to offer him a contract (what with all his injuries) and they will look within their system. Luis Castillo’s contract will also be up after the 2011 season, so I expect Ruben Tejada to take his place. Even though Jason Bay is signed through the 2013 season, I believe he will be moved to the AL to be a DH by the 2012 trade deadline to free up some money and give room for Wilmer Flores’ bat in the Mets lineup.

Do you disagree with any of my projections? Am I missing anyone important?