The 75th NFL Draft

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11:03 PM: With the last three picks of the first round of the draft, the Detroit Lions (who traded with the Minnesota Vikings) selected Jahvid Best, the running back from California. The Indianapolis Colts choose Jerry Hughes, the defensive end from Texas Christian. To close out the first round, the Super Bowl Champion New Orleans Saints took Patrick Robinson, a cornerback out of Florida State.
In a brief recap, what a great night. I knew the NFL Draft in primetime would work out well, but, this well? This was by far the most entertaining the NFL has given its fans in years. Tonight was a huge night for the NFL in respect to getting the story back onto the positives of the NFL instead of the negatives.
Thank you all so much for following New York State of Sports in our NFL Draft coverage. Be sure to check back in tomorrow night. The updates won’t be as frequent, but they will be there for all of your Giants and Jets picks. Also, expect many articles in the next few days breaking down the winners, losers, and impact players.

10:37 PM: The New York football Jets select… Kyle Wilson, the cornerback from Boise State. Wilson is another local product out of Piscataway, NJ, and he will be a huge impact on special teams. I would have liked to see them grab Sergio Kindle or Taylor Mays, but still, I can’t wait to see the Jets’ defense next year.
In a side note, Piscataway High School in Piscataway, NJ has had three first rounders in the past two years (Anthony Davis, Kyle Wilson, and Malcolm Jenkins)

10:30 PM: In the two picks by division rivals before the Jets, the New England Patriots selected Devin McCourty (cornerback, Rutgers) and the Miami Dolphins took Jared Odrick (defensive line, Penn State). He would have fit in great with the Jets, but now there are still a number of great prospects available for Gang Green…

From a college football perspective, you have to give Rutgers’ coach Greg Schiano all the credit in the world. Rutgers was a dump when he got there, and now it is the premier college football venue in the Northeast. Two selections in the first round? That wasn’t even plausible when Schiano arrived.

10:17 PM: Now that we’ve settled down with the Tim Tebow noise, with the 26th pick, the Arizona Cardinals selected Dan Williams, the defensive tackle from Tennessee. I don’t want to jinx it, but Taylor Mays, Jared Odrick, and Kyle Wilson are still available for the Jets, who pick in two picks…

10:08 PM: We have a Tim Tebow alert! The Denver Broncos traded with the Baltimore Ravens to get the 25th overall pick. After ESPN announced the trade, images of Tim Tebow smiling on a cell phone were shown on the screen. This is absolutely huge. As of right now, I think Kyle Orton or Brady Quinn will be the starter next year with Tebow getting a few plays here or there.

Also, who would have thought that Jimmy Clausen would have fallen below Tim Tebow?

10:00 PM: The Green Bay Packers took offensive tackle Bryan Bulaga (Iowa) with the 23rd pick. He dropped a bit, so the Packers were very relieved to grab him. By far one of the best value picks yet. Then, the Dallas Cowboys traded up to the New England Patriots traded up to grab Dez Bryant, the troubled wide receiver from Oklahoma State. Great trade up by the ‘Boys. If Dez can’t get motivated to play in Dallas, then he truly doesn’t belong in the NFL.

Jets’ fans, take a sigh of relief since the Patriot offense won’t feature Randy Moss, Wes Welker, and Dez Bryant next year.

9:46 PM: Back to the trading block we go. The Broncos are on the move again as they trade with the New England Patriots. In turn, the Broncos grabbed Demaryius Thomas, the wide receiver from Georgia Tech. He has some big, Brandon Marshall-sized shoes to fill in Denver, but he might have the highest upside out of all the wide outs in this year’s class.

9:40 PM: Kareem Jackson (cornerback, Alabama) was taken by the Houston Texans at #20 overall. Great pick to make up for the loss of Dunta Robinson. After that the Cincinnati Bengals grabbed the tight end from Oklahoma Jermaine Gresham. Finally, that brings some relevance to the tight end position at Cincinnati.

9:32 PM: Maurkice Pouncey goes to Pittsburgh at #18 overall. Regardless of the Big Ben situation, their interior of their offensive line needed help. With the 19th pick, the Atlanta Falcons took Sean Weatherspoon, the weakside linebacker from Missouri. When it comes to the 4-3 defense, Weatherspoon is the best OLB available for the weakside.

9:25 PM: Again, thankfully we just grabbed twelve relatively uneventful minutes to cool down. At 16, the Tennessee Titans grabbed Derrick Thomas, the defensive end from Georgia Tech that I thought would go at 15 to the Giants. Then, at 17, the 49ers grabbed Mike Iupati, a guard from Idaho. Somewhere, Frank Gore thanking the good Lord.

9:13 PM: Giants’ fans, it’s me again. I know the last time we talked everything wasn’t going too well. However, you just grabbed Jason Pierre-Paul, the defensive end out of South Florida. I know Derrick Morgan is still available, but he is a great athlete, and should be a terror on third down. Giants’ follwers, reaction?

9:05 PM: Finally, some breathing room. The Seahawks grabbed Earl Thomas (safety, Texas). I expected him to possibly go with Taylor Mays, but Earl Thomas is the much better prospect. The Giants are on the clock… right now, you have to say it’s going to be defensive end Derrick Morgan out of Georgia Tech.

8:56 PM: Let the trading madness continue. The Philadelphia Eagles just traded up to the 13th pick in the draft to grab Michigan hybrid Brandon Graham. They gave up their two third rounders to switch with the Broncos, who have already been busy. Everyone thought it would be Earl Thomas, and so did I. They really should have tried to grab him, but Graham is a great player regardless.

8:50 PM: I guess Ryan Mathews, the running back from Fresno State, was their guy the whole time. They had to give up a lot to get him at #12, but I think ultimately it was the best move they could make to ensure Mathews would be a Charger.

8:45 PM: Let the chaos continue. the San Diego Chargers jump up 26 spots to trade with the Miami Dolphins.

8:43 PM: In our first trade of the action-packed night, the San Francisco 49ers trade up to Denver’s 11 spot. It cost a 4th round pick to move up two spots so the 49ers could grab Anthony Davis, a local prospect out of Piscataway, NJ.

8:37 PM: Again, wow. More accurately, who?!? Tyson Alualu, a defensive tackle from Cal, goes at 10 to the Jaguars. Unbelievable… He’s second round talent in my book.

8:30 PM: The first time I’ve said “wow” in the draft just happened in the past three minutes. C.J. Spiller, the draft’s best running back from Clemson, was selected by the Buffalo Bills, a team with two quality backs already. Teams looking for a running back can now look to Buffalo to try to trade for Marshawn Lynch, who is almost certainly the odd-man out

8:28 PM: Giants’ fans, try to talk yourselves off the ledge. You can’t fault the Raiders though, they needed a middle linebacker and took the best one in the draft.

8:22 PM: Russell Okung (Oklahoma State, offensive tackle) and Joe Haden (Florida, cornerback) are the 6th and 7th picks, respectively. I feel like the Browns could have moved down a few spots, but regardless, he’s the best corner in the draft. Him going this early will probably set off a string of corners in the first round. Now here comes the Raiders… anyone who can pick who they grab gets $20.

8:13 PM: I know everyone likes constant updates and in-your-face analysis, but with ESPN showing the players right before they get picked takes away the one surprise factor left in the draft.

8:07 PM: Wow. Those Eric Berry highlights are something else. How do you think he will stack up with other NFL safeties on day one? He definitely deserves to be one of five safeties in the history of the draft to go in the top five.

8:06 PM: Trent Williams (Oklahoma, offensive tackle) and Eric Berry (Tennessee, safety) round out the top five. The first four picks in tonight’s draft are all from the Big 12 Conference. Also, three of the top four all went to Oklahoma… That has never happened before.

7:51 PM: There had been some speculation that Ndamukong Suh and Gerald McCoy would be switching spots in the draft. Looks like pundits were overanalyzing. Let the chaos begin.

7:37 PM: Sam Bradford is made the #1 overall pick by the St. Louis Rams. They were rumored to want to do other options, but losing out of Bradford could have been a vital mistake.

7:32 PM: Welcome to the NFL Draft! We’ll provide sporadic updates throughout the draft. Don’t expect too many posts if the expected happens, but if the unexpected happens, be sure to tune in…