It’s a rainy, crappy Saturday morning in the Northeast. The chances of the Yanks playing today aren’t good. However, I went to the Yankees/Angels finale on Thursday night and took some photos. Hopefully this will satisfy your baseball craving for today.

The Yanks won this game, 6-2.

Obviously I’m not an AP photographer and have an amateur Kodak camera, but the photos are fun. Check ’em out.

The Demolition of Yankee Stadium

Demolition of Yankee Stadium 2

Demolition of Yankee Stadium 3

Demotion of Yankee Stadium 4

Demotion of Yankee Stadium 4

Hideki Matsui...Having A Catch?

2009 ALCS Nick Swisher...Acting Serious?

The Angels Warming Up

Joba Chamberlain

Mariano Rivera Jogging In From The Bullpen

Mariano Rivera