The Mets’ season is riding on how they play in the rest of April and into early May. The Mets have 14 games left in April and currently sit at a paltry 3-6.

New York Times

Before the season began, I felt that the Mets had to go 13-10 in April for manager Jerry Manuel and GM Omar Minaya to still have their jobs. That would mean going 10-4 the rest of this month. New York opens up a three game series in St. Louis tonight and will face both Chris Carpenter and Adam Wainwright this weekend. After St. Louis, they head home for ten games! The Mets need to win this series against St. Louis because coming home 4-8 will not sit well with Met fans.

After St. Louis, they’ll play host to Chicago for four, Atlanta for three, and Los Angeles for three, before heading to Philadelphia. Talk about a tough schedule. Pelfrey’s game yesterday gives the Mets some hope that maybe their pitching can survive if the offense can score runs consistently. If New York can come home 5-7, and go at least 6-4 during their 10 game home stand, they’ll take a .500 record to Philadelphia. Of course, that’s a lot of if’s, and New York needs to take it one game at a time. New York has no time to sit back though, the pressure is high.