We are about a week into minor league baseball action and I would like to comment on the hottest and coldest players in the Mets system thus far.

I’ll begin by first mentioning that I attended the Binghamton Mets game this past Saturday. Took some pictures and videos, unfortunately couldn’t catch Kirk Nieuwenhuis’ leadoff homerun in the 1st inning. I really have to learn to be quicker with videos. Hopefully I will get better ones at the next game I’m at (Saturday, April 24). Nick Evans, former Mets bench player, was in the starting lineup playing first base. Other than those, no big name prospects to speak of. Here are some pictures I took:

Buddy the Bee

Kirk at the plate

Nick Evans taking some practice swings

Who’s Hot?

1. Kirk Nieuwenhuis (CF, Binghamton)- 9 for 27 1HRs 4RBIs

  • He looked incredible at the plate on Saturday, and that homerun went out quick.

2. Ike Davis (1B, Buffalo)- 7 for 20 2HRs 2RBIs

  • Big number is the 0.5 K/BB ratio. He has 3 K’s and 6 BB’s.

Jacobs better watch out, because his .133 batting average won’t keep him in the majors with this guy breathing down his neck.

 3. Wilmer Flores (SS, Savannah)- 10 for 26, with 0 K’s

  • Only knock on him is he hasn’t walked either.

Young hitting prospect where he is, and a lot of upside.


Who’s Not


1. Josh Thole (C, Buffalo)- 1 for 16, 4 K’s

  • Given it is only a small sample, there shouldn’t be too much worry about the Mets top catching prospect.
  • Hopefully this isn’t in response to him not landing the starting catching job in the Majors. He DID have a good spring.

2. Fernando Martinez (OF, Buffalo)- 6 for 25, 7 K’s

  • Another top prospect who has gotten off to a terrible start. Hopefully, no walks and 7 strikeouts  is just a result of the small sample.

3. Ruben Tejada (SS, Buffalo)- 1 for 13, 4 K’s

  • For a player, much like Thole, who thrives off making contact, a 28.5% strikeout rate does not look good.
  • Still, I think as he gets used to the level of play he will make some decent contact.

I decided not to include pitchers since most have only started 1 game, and that is not enough to base judgement on.

Also, I just want to say I’m sorry for the lack of posts recently (school related), and I will be back in full action in about a week!

Photo Credit: My girlfriend’s camera