The Giants are very high on Clemson running back C.J. Spiller, who most scouts consider the best and most explosive back in the draft. He may not fall to the Giants at the 15th overall pick, but there’s still a good chance Spiller will still be available. As you know, anything can happen on Draft day.

If Spiller is available with the Giants on the clock, the Giants will have a very interesting decision to make. Given the current health of so many of the players in their crowded backfield, everybody seems to think running back is a position of need. Ahmad Bradshaw, though, doesn’t think it should be a decision at all.

“It’s all up to the Giants and who they want, but with us backs we feel that we’ll be fine,” Bradshaw said earlier today. “Everybody should think we’ll be fine this season.”

Unfortunately, everybody doesn’t, including several members of the Giants’ front office. Bradshaw just began running yesterday after offseason surgery on both his feet and his right ankle. Brandon Jacobs just recently began running after surgery on his knee. And Andre Brown, who missed his entire rookie season, is still recovering from surgery last year to repair a torn Achilles.

The trio of Jacobs, Bradshaw and Brown (or the relatively healthy Danny Ware) would unquestionably be a strength on offense. But the health of the Giants backfield certainly warrants giving Spiller a look. Couple that with the growing feeling that Jacobs and Bradshaw are too injury prone, and that makes the running back position an area of concern in the eyes of the Giants front office.

The Giants are so high on Spiller, in fact, its rumored they’re discussing a possible trade into the top 10 in order to grab him. I’m high on Spiller, too – it’s hard not to be – but I’m also high on using a first round pick on a player that will fill a huge need. Running back is not a huge need. The only offensive needs I see are on the offensive line, which took a noticeable step back and is part of the reason why the running game did the same. Resident draft expert, Adam Poedubicky, laid out (here and here) which positions the Giants should focus on the most. Linebacker is the biggest need, without a doubt.

It looks as though the Giants are attempting to trade their way into the top 10 of the first round, but it’s for the wrong player. They need McClain.

Speaking of which …

In more Giants draft news, GM Jerry Reese held his pre-draft press conference earlier. For everyone (and me, more than once) insisting that the Giants need to draft a middle linebacker in the first round, Reese hinted the solution at middle ‘backer might come from within.

“I do have some confidence in guys on the roster who haven’t played a lot,” Reese said. He then mentioned linebackers Bryan Kehl, Jonathan Goff, and Gerris Wilkinson.


Kehl has started a total of three games in his two-year career. Goff played in every game last season, but most of his playing time came on special teams; he played just seven games at linebacker. Wilkinson played in the first nine games of the season before being place on IR, totaling 8 tackles.

Linebacker is the most sacred position in all of New York Giant football. LT, Huff, Van Pelt, Banks, Kelley, Carson, Armstead; names that will be passed down to the next generations of Giants fans. Look, I’ve been a Giants fan my entire life. My first word was “Parcells” (I’m not kidding). I didn’t watch any kids’ shows; I watched highlight tapes from ’86. What’s missing from this team that was prominent on every successful Giants team in the past is a dominating corps of linebackers. The Giants need to add another linebacker to their legendary list – Rolando McClain.