In the rubber match of the 3-game series, the New York Yankees beat the Los Angeles Angels 6-2. This win put the Yankees at 6-3 on the season. This also helped them win their third series of the season. The Yankees were led by Derek Jeter (2-5, 1 HR) and Robinson Cano (2-4, 2 HR, 3 RBI).

Mike Stobe / Getty Images

Initial Reaction:

This was a great performance by the Yankees. Phil Hughes did everything and more he was asked for. Sure, the walks were high (5 in 5 IP), but with only 2 ER credited to him, it was a great start. What made the Yankees’ offensive production so impressive today was that it certainly wasn’t the “A” lineup, with Nick Johnson and Brett Gardner given the day off against the lefty Scott Kazmir.

Positives From The Game:

Hughes First Start: In five innings, Phil Hughes earned the win while allowing three hits, two earned runs, and striking out six. Not bad for a fifth starter against last year’s American League Western Division Champs.

Robinson Cano: This is certainly as hot as we’ve ever seen Robby. He is a true force in the 5-hole.

Working the Count: Through only four innings, the Yankees forced Scott Kazmir to pitch 84 pitches. When it comes to pitchers who have as much potential as Kaz, you need to wear them down, and the Yankees did just that.

Grandy so Grand: Curtis Granderson hit two triples in tonight’s win. Always an impressive feat, but it was even more uplifting to see him hit one of them against Scott Kazmir, who is left-handed. Hopefully it is a sign of good things to come for Curtis.

Walk Around: Mark Teixeira went 0-2 today, which won’t help his batting average that is falling like the showers in the Bronx tonight. However, he did walk three times. If he wants to be able to hit the ball, he has to be able to see what is and isn’t a strike. Tonight was overall a good step forward for him.

Negatives From The Game:

Marcus Thames: Good for Marcus Thames going 2 for 3 with a run scored and a double. However, the problem I have with the double was that he walked out of the box thinking it was a home run. If you’re a New York Yankee and walking out of the box, it better be going 500 feet.

Matsui’s HR: It was nice to see that swing again. Unfortunately, it was for the wrong team.

Randy Winn: Tonight Randy Winn went 0-4, grounding out three times and striking out once. I know Joe Girardi likes putting Winn against left-handed pitchers, but he’s got to find a way to put Brett Gardner in the lineup. He needs his experience against lefties for when he is a full-time starter.

Interesting Facts:

What do ya know?: Robinson Cano was actually named after Jackie Robinson. Also, he wears #24 in honor of Robinson. He certainly looked and played the part today.

Who turned off the lights?: A-Rod still hasn’t hit a home run this season. He is the last cleanup hitter in the American League to do so. Am I worried? No. Actually, I think he will out-homer every other AL cleanup hitter besides maybe Evan Longoria.

3:35: Tonight’s game started at 7:05 and ended at 10:40. Joe West is probably crying somewhere.

Jackie Robinson: On Jackie Robinson Day, we saw a field full of players wearing #42 in honor of MLB’s first black player. We also saw the only player who currently wears the number play: Mariano Rivera.

What’s Next:

The Yankees will look to continue their winning ways in a three-game series at home against the Texas Rangers.

Projected Starters: LHP C.C. Sabathia (1-0, 3.46) vs. ????? (The Rangers are the only team without a projected starter yet)