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Opening Day is only a few hours away. Here is a few tid bits about Opening Day from Lo Hud:

Here’s a few tidbits to share:• As I wrote earlier, the 2009 World Series rings will be given to players in a pregame ceremony, beginning at 12:30 tomorrow. According to the club, pictures of the ring will not be released prior to the ceremony.
• Joe Girardi said he talked to Lonn Trost about the rings but had no input on the design. (To the right is the 2000 ring.)
• He hasn’t told him yet (secret’s out, Joba!), but Chamberlain will wear his ring tomorrow before giving it to his father, Harlan, who was scheduled to land today and is expected for tomorrow’s game. “Without the opportunities my dad gave me as a kid I’d have never had that chance to win,” Chamberlain said.
• Sabathia said he wouldn’t wear his ring and had a funny (and truthful) line when asked why not: “It’s kind of corny I guess. Who wears a World Series ring?”
• After a cushy schedule last week, Girardi may juggle the lineup a bit this week. The Yankees play six games in a row. He certainly didn’t commit to anything, but he expected the need to rest some of the starters considering it’s so early.
• Up on the chalkboard in the press box are the lineups from Game 6 of the World Series. I’m not sure if they were never erased or not. It doesn’t look like it.

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Enjoy the game! Go Yankees

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