Tonight, the New York Yankees picked up their second win of the year, beating the Red Sox 3-1 in extra innings. In the 10th, Curtis Granderson hit a shot to right off of Jonathon Papelbon to give the Yankees the lead.

Initial Reaction:

The first six innings was a defensive and pitchers’ battle, led by the Yankees’ Andy Pettitte and the Red Sox’ key offseason acquisition, John Lackey. Then, in the battle of the bullpens, the Yankees’ bullpen proved to be victorious, with Chan Ho Park picking up the win and Mariano Rivera picking up the save.

Positives From The Game:

Andy Pettitte: In six innings, Pettitte allowed one ER on 6 hits and 4 walks. He also struck out four. This is one of, if not the best, lineups the Yankees will face this year, so Pettitte’s production was great.

Chan Ho Park: Chan Ho Park allowed one base runner in three innings of relief. If he can keep this up, he will be an asset to the Yankees’ bullpen this season.

Curtis Granderson: Curtis Granderson had an embarrassing at bat in the 7th inning. He made up for it in the top of the 10th, smashing a home run over the Yankees’ bullpen in right field.

Negatives From The Game:

Nick Johnson: Nick Johnson grounded out, flew out, and struck out both swinging and looking. He did draw a walk in the 10th inning, but he is still looking for his second-first hit with the Yankees.

Hit Batsmen: In the bottom of the 5th, Andy Pettitte hit Kevin Youkilis in the head. Obviously, in the top of the 6th, John Lackey retaliated by hitting Derek Jeter in the arm. I know there’s a rivalry, bad blood, or whatever. But come on, it’s the third game of the season. There’s no need for someone to get hurt this early.

Interesting Facts:

Last year, the Yankees got their second win of the year against the Red Sox on August 7th. This year, it happened on April 7th.

What’s Next?: An off-day for the Yanks. They are shipping out of Boston to Tampa Bay to take on the Rays in a three-game series, beginning on Friday.

Game Time: April 9th, 7:10 PM

Photo Credit: Associated Press