SURPRISE. The Yankees have the highest payroll in baseball.  Now that I’ve shocked you, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of the payroll.

The Yankees are paying their players over $206 million to play the 2010 season. This figure is roughly five million more than last season’s final amount.

A large majority of this year’s loot will end up in the pockets of Alex Rodriguez($32 mil); CC Sabathia($23 mil); Mark Teixeira($22 mil); Derek Jeter($21 mil); and AJ Burnett($16 mil).

$114 million for five players? Not too worried about it.

Alex Rodriguez’s $32 million dollar salary is only $1.9 million behind the entire Pirates payroll? Time for an “A-Bomb sized” bonus.  He is over-due for a raise.

Red Sox Owner John Henry is crying about payroll again? Send him a New York pretzel.

While it’s all fun and games now, will the Yankees face financial hardships in the future? I did a study on this awhile back. It’s worth another read.

In the mean time, if they can keep trotting out these stacked teams,

I’d gladly keep paying $12.50/beer.

Send John Henry one as well.  Even it’s not a Boston lager, he needs it.

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