The Mets won the first game of the season against the Marlins yesterday, no thanks to shortstop Alex Cora who went 0-4 in the leadoff spot. I understand that he’s only taking the place of Jose Reyes, while on the DL until Saturday, but they have a young prospect in Ruben Tejada just sitting in the dugout keeping his jersey clean. Cora has a lifetime .204 batting average hitting leadoff, and with a guy like Castillo, who had such a high OBP last season playing, I don’t see why he is not being put in that role. Alex Cora is a backup shortstop and that is all he is ever going to be. Maybe at best he acts as a great clubhouse guy, who provides leadership to a team who lacked motivation last season, but that is it.

Tejada deserves to get his feet dirty, at least until Reyes gets activated from the DL, because he will be up with the club again at some point this season anyway. Granted, it’s not the smartest move to start a 20-year old on opening day, who has never even played past double-A ball, but at least throw him at shortstop on Wednesday’s game. He’s arguably a better defensive shortstop then Alex Cora. Also, he batted .344 in Spring Training, and deserves to get some major league action under his belt while he still can.

Ruben Tejada’s diving stop

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