Baseball is back. A whole slew of games today from all over America. Let’s use one as our pick of the day.

Match-Up: (10:05PM) Minnesota Twins(0-0) at Los Angeles Angels(0-0)

This match-up pits team aces Scott Baker and Jered Weaver against each other. There really is no recent data to use to make this pick, however Jered Weaver excelled against the Twins last season. He posted a 2-0 record, 16 strikeouts over 13 1/3 innings, and only yielded eight hits. Baker lost his only game against the Angels, 6-5 last season.

The Twins will have Justin Moreanu healthy to start the season, a big void they had in the 2nd half of last season. The Angels posted the AL’s 5th best home record last season. The Angels have posted a 5-1 home opener record over the past six seasons.

I think the odds makers are really disrespecting the Angels this season. If I had to bet, I’d definitely take the over on them this season and I’ll take them to start the season.

The Pick: Los Angeles Angels

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