Sports can make you do crazy things, especially if you are a New York sports fan. If you are anything like me, you live and die with every pitch, basket, play and slap shot. You love A-Rod one day, You hate A-Rod the next. The Giants pass rush is better than the Steel Curtain. The Giants pass rush couldn’t sack my grandma. The Knicks aren’t bad….Wait…..

Regardless of your team preference, I’m going to give the NY sports fan a tip to deal with the agony of the sports season.

1. There’s Always Another Game: This is something that I need to tell myself daily. In the case of baseball, there is normally another game tomorrow. I had to stop myself on multiple occasions last night from throwing my TV remote through the television. Watching the Yankees will make you do some cruel and unusual things.

Damaso Marte can’t throw a strike? *Hole in the wall*

What do you mean Granderson just struck out with the bases loaded? *Down goes the laptop.*

The Bostonians go crazy as Dropkick Murphy’s “Shippin Up To Boston” is blaring as Jonathan Papelbon runs in from the bullpen. *This is the last straw*

Co-Owner Kenny Mauss had this to add:

I put the remote in the couch when I watch the Mets play. This way, I’m not tempted.

This is just one of the prices we pay as NY Sports fans. None of us are patient and we all expect perfection in every game. So before you slam your computer, put a hole in the wall, or curse out A-Rod, David Wright, or Mark Sanchez, remember, there’s always another game.

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