Jerry Manuel has decided that the opening day lineup will include Mike Jacobs as the cleanup hitter. After Daniel Murphy sprained his MCL last week, Jacobs was given the starting 1B job.

Most fans are displeased with this decision, as they prefer Jason Bay to hit in that slot; however, I’m not too opposed to Jerry Manuel’s logic.
The cleanup hitter, by definition, is the player who has the most power on the team. Personally, I feel if you have Mike Jacobs in the lineup, then he must hit cleanup. I also think its a clever idea to split up David Wright and Jason Bay, by putting a lefty slugger in between them. It makes the heart of that lineup very threatening. If he struggles, then you can complain, but let the man play in a game first.

What I DO find troubling is having Alex Cora leading off, when Luis Castillo had a .387 OBP in ’09. Personally, I would prefer having Castillo at the top of the order until Jose Reyes comes back on Saturday. I’d switch the two at the top and keep the rest of the lineup as is.

I’m just going to make a fun prediction and say Mike Jacobs will hit a HR on opening day. In fact, it’ll be the first one hit at CitiField in the 2010 season.

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