It’s always interesting to look at Las Vegas’s Over/Under win totals for each team. Understand that I’m not a gambler, but I welcome you to use my information…

Here’s a breakdown:

Arizona- 80.5

Atlanta- 86.5

Baltimore- 73.5

Boston- 94.5

Chicago Cubs- 82.5

Chicago White Sox- 82.5

Cincinnati- 79.5

Cleveland- 73.5

Colorado- 85.5

Detroit- 81

Florida- 82.5

Houston- 73.5

Kansas City- 71.5

Los Angeles Angels- 84.5

Los Angeles Dodgers- 86.5

Milwaukee- 81.5

Minnesota- 80.5

New York Mets- 81.5

New York Yankees- 96.5

Oakland- 79.5

Philadelphia- 92.5

Pittsburgh- 69.5

San Diego- 71.5

San Francisco- 82.5

Seattle- 84.5

St. Louis- 89.5

Tampa Bay- 87.5

Texas- 83.5

Toronto- 70.5

Washington- 70.5

Upon first glance, a few of the lines stick out to me.

1. Angels: 84.5; I feel like the odds makers are not giving the Angels enough respect. Yes, they lost John Lackey and Chone Figgins, but they have the best manager in the game. Mike Scioscia is good for at least 10 wins, just by sitting in the dugout. This team has won three straight AL West titles. The Angels will need Jered Weaver to assume the #1 starter duties, but this team can still mash and play great defense. Make it four AL West titles after this season. I’m not buying into the Mariners hype.

Prediction: Over 84.5

2. Toronto: 70.5; The Blue Jays are in for a rough season. The team won 75 games in 2009. However, Roy Halladay(7.3 WAR) is now hanging out with the Philly Phanatic. Vernon Wells left his bat at home last season (.260 hitter at $16 million/season). Shawn Marcum is their Opening Day starter and the division has added John Lackey, Curtis Granderson, and Javier Vazquez. The Orioles should be better with the emergence of Matt Wieters and Brian Matsuz, making it even more difficult for the Jays to win games. Adam Lind and Aaron Hill are the lone bright spots for a team that will not win 71+ games this year.

Prediction: Under 70.5

3. Chicago White Sox: 82.5; I’m drinking the South Side Kool-Aid as well this season. The White Sox easily have the best starting staff in the division (Buerhle, Peavy, Danks, Garcia, Floyd). Their bullpen is just as impressive with Bobby Jenks, Matt Thornton, Scott Linebrink, Tony Pena, and bounce-back candidate, JJ Putz.

The White Sox will also welcome back left fielder, Carlos Quentin, who was injured for a large portion of the season. Quentin did hit 21 HRs in 351 ABs (16.7 HR/AB) last year. He finished 2008 with 36 HRs. Also, the team should benefit from the improved 3rd baseman, Gordon Beckham and outfielder, Alex Rios.

There’s a lot to like about the South Siders. Jake Peavy will bounce back this season to give the White Sox a solid 1,2 combo. With Twins closer Joe Nathan going down, the division is wide open. I like the White Sox.

Prediction: Over 82.5

Other one that I like: Cubs (Over 82.5); Dodgers (Over 86.5); Mets (Over 81.5)

Surprisingly, I have more faith in the Mets than Met fans do. The Mets have one of the best starters and closers in the game. The line up is going to mash. When Beltran gets back, it’s going to be scary good. Maine, Perez, and Niese haven’t been great this spring, but it’s Spring Training, means nothing. If Perez is still giving up 3+ HRs in May, then there’s a problem. Mike Jacobs starting at 1st is a good thing for the team. The Mets win more than 81.5 this year. Can’t say I never did anything for ’em.

I’m not picking the Yankees over/under because a) I don’t like betting on my team b) it’s bad karma and c) I don’t feel like taking Vegas’s money.

What are some of your thoughts?

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