The 38-year-old Jorge Posada will enter his 16th major league with the New York Yankees this year. Posada, a .277 career hitter, has been the stalwart behind the plate for the last four Yankee championships. So how will he fare in 2010?

Posada and the disabled list have become quite friendly in the last two seasons. Posada has had a slew of nagging injuries that limited him to only 51 games in 2008 and 111 in 2009. The days of Posada playing 130+ games are over. So what can we expect?

Well for one, Posada has been healthy so far this spring. As a whole, the Yankees have not dealt with many injuries. Manager Joe Girardi, once a catcher himself, knows what it’s like to be a near 40-year-old catcher batting minor injuries. Unless it’s a big match-up, Posada won’t play day games after night games(24 as of now in 2010).

Posada did settled nicely into the new Yankee Stadium last year. Posada had a HR/AB Ratio of 13.4 at Yankee Stadium(24.1 on the road). Posada will be slotted into the 6th hole in the lineup, a place where he has been comfortable in the past. In 2009, Posada did the majority of his hitting from the 6th hole, belting 14 of his 22 HRs and hitting .310.

Potential Pitfalls:

  • Health is always the key with Posada. If he stays healthy this season, he could play 115-120 games. Girardi knows that he has to be smart in order to keep Posada fresh for the playoffs.
  • AJ Burnett: Fans know that Jose Molina caught the majority of Burnett’s game last season. However, the pair has worked together this Spring on Burnett’s change-up. So far,  so good.
  • Age: Posada will be 39 this summer.

Overall, I expect a good season from Posada. He hits in an absolutely loaded line-up and will have his opportunities to knock in runs. Francisco Cervelli will spell Posada a game or two during the week. Posada will probably end up back on the DL at some point this season. It’ll be interesting to see what the team does at catcher then…Jesus Montero anyone? Until then, let’s just watch ‘Jorgie Juice One’ and the Posada/Burnett relationship unfold.

Projection: 117 Games, .275 BA, 24 HRs, 90 RBIs

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