The season is only a few days from kicking off. I’ve written a ton on fantasy baseball strategy and player projections. If you haven’t read any of those articles, check out the archives.

Anyway, on to my Fantasy Baseball Predictions for The 2010 Season:

1. Alex Rodriguez’s line: .310, 45 HRs, 132 RBIs, AL MVP.

2. Tim Lincecum wins less than 15 games.

3. Roy Halladay wins more than 21 games.

4. Justin Upton hits 40 HRs. And steals 29 bases.

5. Braves rookie Jason Heyward hits at least 20 HRs.

6. Pirates Outfielder Garrett Jones clubs at least 30 HRs.

7. Jason Bay hits fewer than 25 HRs.

8. Phil Hughes wins at least 13 games.

9. Matt Weiters hits .300 and 25 HRs.

10. Joe Mauer hits less than .320.

11. Brad Penny wins 15 games with a sub 3.50 ERA in St. Louis.

12. Neither Heath Bell nor Adrian Gonzalez is traded during the season. Bell will lead the NL in total saves(40).

13. Jon Lester wins the AL Cy Young Award- 20 Wins, 230 Ks, 3.10 ERA.

14. The Seattle Mariners win the AL West.

15. The Chicago White Sox win the AL Central.

16. The Philadelphia Phillies win the NL East by 15 games.

17. Baseball will implement a HGH test.

18. Nancy Pelosi gets more plastic surgery before the end of the regular season.

19. First Round Fantasy Bust: Hanley Ramirez

20. Overall Fantasy Bust: Grady Sizemore

21. I will have fun playing Fantasy Baseball this year before locking myself from society in June to compile my Fantasy Football rankings.

22. Johan Santana gets back to being “Johan”. 18 wins, 3.30 ERA, 200 K’s.

23. Young pitchers poised for a break-out: Brett Anderson, Oakland Athletics and Brian Matusz, Baltimore Orioles.

24. Player who deserves more respect: Adam Lind, Blue Jays.

25. Johnny Damon hits fewer than 15 HRs for the Tigers and posts a UZR of -15 or worse.

There you have it. Fantasy baseball bold predictions. We will check back in after the season to see how I did. You can make your own bold predictions in the comment box below. Have fun.

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