Opening Day is right around the corner. Teams are finishing up their final ‘dress rehearsal’ games before the bullets are live next week.  Let’s focus our attention today to high-ceiling prospects.

Guys who may either:

a) start the year in the big leagues

b) will be called up before mid-season and make an impact or

c) did not have a large enough sample size in previous season(s).

Landing one or two of these six guys could swing a league championship in your favor…Each of these six could ultimately elevate the intrinsic value of your team. However, remember proper valuation when drafting.  Drafting all six of these guys with your first six picks will probably lead to last place.  Be smart.

1. Matt Wieters, C, Orioles— Fantasy baseball owners are paying high premiums this season to draft Weiters. He hit .288 in 354 at-bats last year with the O’s. Scouts project him to have big-time home run potential. I bought into the hype earlier this spring. Have you?

ADP: 95

2. Stephen Strasburg, SP, Nationals– The crown jewel of pitching prospects. Expect the Nationals to bring him along slowly to start the season(expected to start in the minors), but when he gets his chance, be prepared to watch 98+ MPH fastballs with a devastating hook. He will have his growing pains along the way, but he has big-league stuff. He has Top 40 Starting Pitcher potential, even if he pitches the first two months in the Minors.

ADP: 310

3. Jay Bruce, OF, Reds- This will technically be Bruce’s 3rd season in the Major Leagues, but he has dealt with injury problems in the first two. He has had (418 and 345 at-bats) respectively in each of those seasons. He has gaudy HR potential (17.2 AB/HR). Owners are still sleeping on Bruce, but that’s fine when I get him in the 12th round.

ADP: 119

4. Neftali Feliz, P, Rangers- The Rangers aren’t sure what they’re going to do with Perez yet. However, they do know that the 21-year-old has electric stuff. He’ll probably  serve as the set-up for Frank Francisco, but he can start too. However, given the violatility of closers in baseball, he’s worth drafting and stashing in larger leagues.

ADP: 180

5. Jason Heyward, OF, Braves- Heyward is a stud. He can drop absolute bombs. He’ll start as the Braves Opening Day Right Fielder. Just watch the You-Tube video and you’ll understand.

ADP: 213


6. Brian Matusz, SP, Orioles-

The Good: His K/9 rose to over 8 when he came up to the big leagues. He featured a good 93-94 MPH fastball with a nice hook.

The Bad: He plays in the AL East.

He has big-time potential, but plays in baseball’s most dangerous division. He will haves some rough outings during the season, but give him a look late in the draft.

ADP: 313

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