The league’s owners and Player’s Association will meet in May to determine a location for the 2014 Super Bowl. Within the list will be the new, Meadowlands Stadium.

Can you imagine the excitement and built-up a Super Bowl in New York would receive? Super Bowl Week would feature plays on Broadway, concerts at Madison Square Garden, maybe an event at Yankee Stadium, and so much more. New York/New Jersey have the resources and lodging needed to pull off this event. New York has the most public transportation in the country. It would be unlike any other previous Super Bowl because no other city has the attraction that New York does.

As an NFL fan, it’s starting to get a little boring watching teams play at the same warm-weather venues every five years or so. Bringing the game to New York would change everything surrounding the game. Imagine if a New York-based team played in the game. The possibilities are endless and the overall uniqueness of the game makes it extremely appealing for citizens of the Metropolitan area. Plus,citizens in the Metropolitan area will have the opportunity to go to the game. Half the battle of going to the Super Bowl now is arranging air-fare and a hotel. We don’t have to worry about that if it’s in New York.

Drawbacks? Weather. I’ll make my point before someone posts about it. Yes, the game will be in February. Yes, we had a lot of snow this year. We know all of this. What are the odds of it snowing on that exact day at exactly 6:25PM? Less than 50%. Even if it does snow, they are football players. They play in different types of conditions. Some of the more notable games in recent memory were decided by the snow. It’s part of football, so why shouldn’t it be part of the Super Bowl? Do you think fans are honestly not going to come because of snow if they shell out $1,000+ per ticket? I think the players would be even more motivated by the snow, especially if a certain player has never won a Super Bowl ring. You may have to put on a coat instead of a Hawaiian shirt for the Super Bowl, but it just adds to the aura surrounding the game.

Overall, having the Super Bowl in New York would be a great idea in my opinion. The city will have something to look forward and build up to. The stadium is brand new and the sources of revenues from sponsors will be at an all-time high. There is a ton of public transportation in and out of the city with numerous ways to get to Giants Stadium. Jobs will be created. Above all, the city benefits and that’s what most important.

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