Today’s your big day. It’s time for your annual fantasy baseball draft. You are anxiously awaiting for the draft lobby to open. You have your crumpled ESPN Fantasy Magazine and Rotowire Draft Kit open. Your palms begin to sweat as the lobby interface loads. You enter the draft lobby and you have the 10th pick. I guess you aren’t getting Albert Pujols. So what should you do? Well, let’s dive into your options.Picking towards the back end of the First Round can be a little challenging. You have no idea what your opponents will be doing ahead of you and must adjust for variable change. In a normal draft, you will have the choice between Mark Teixeira or Ryan Howard. Who should you pick? Let’s present a case for each side in terms of standard scoring(HRs, RBIs, Runs, AVG., SB):

Power Advantage: Howard. Howard has averaged 46 HRs over the last three seasons compared to only 35 from Teixeira.

RBI Advantage: Howard. Howard has averaged 141 RBIs over his last three seasons compared to only 116 RBIs from Teixeira.

Runs Advantage: Push. Both players have averaged right around 100 runs over the last three seasons.

Batting Avg. Advantage: Teixeira. Over the last three seasons, Teixeira has had an average BA of .302 compared to Howard’s .269 BA.

Base stealing is obsolete when comparing these two players.

Overall, I’m picking Mark Teixeira at #10. While Howard does provide owners more power, the drastic disadvantage in batting average is a big concern. Throughout the season, teams can add extra home runs. It’s difficult to improve upon team batting average. Mark Teixeira will also benefit from a full-season of protection from Alex Rodriguez. Teixeira hit .304 and 36 HRs after May 1st with Rodriguez back in the Yankee lineup. With a healthy A-Rod protecting him, Teixeira has the potential to achieve Howard-esq numbers in 2010.

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