The Jets are expected to officially announce today that they are the team to be starred in this year’s edition of the HBO series, “Hard Knocks”.  For those of you who don’t know of this series, first of all, shame on you. Secondly, it’s a reality sports series that follows a select NFL team through training camp and pre-season, to the deepest measures.  Everything from on field practices, to players’ family lives at home (probably not the newly acquired Cromartie, however, as they don’t have enough cameras).  Starting in 2001, this series has covered the Baltimore Ravens, Dallas Cowboys, Jacksonville Jaguars, Kansas City Chiefs, Cowboys again, and last year the Cincinnati Bengals.  Oh, and have I mentioned that being on HBO the series is completely uncensored?

I think all Jets’ fans should be thrilled about this upcoming series.  Coming off a nice playoff run with one of the premiere teams in the league, a brand new stadium, a lot of new and big named players,  the city of New York, and a head coach who is charismatic to say the least in Rex Ryan, I think this team has all the pieces to make a terrific reality series.

Last year, following the Cincinnati Bengals, the show was in my opinion, terrific.  Chad Ochocinco provided most of the comedic relief, while head coach Marvin Lewis was outstanding and very impressive in many ways.  The show usually focuses on positional battles, rookies and young players like Mark Sanchez and Shonn Greene, and other ‘fairytale’ players trying to make the team.

As a Jets fan, i’m very excited to be inside the locker room and on the sidelines with the team, and to learn more about players like Sanchez, Greene, and the newly acquired Ladainian Tomlinson.  I’m also definitely looking forward to Rex Ryan being himself on camera without worrying about getting fined.

What do you think football fans, is this show a good idea for the


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