With the NCAA tournament now well under way, offices have stopped working, classes have been skipped, and fans all over the country have tuned in to watch their teams do what they can to make it to the weekend games. Syracuse doesn’t play till tomorrow, one of the final games on the slate for the 1st round.

There are several question marks surrounding the Orange has they had to Buffalo for their 1st round match-up vs. the Catamounts of the University of Vermont. Even though they are a #1 seed playing a #16 (a 16 has never defeated a 1) the Taylor Coppenrath led Catamounts did defeat the Orange in their most recent match-up in the 1st round of the 2005 tournament. Coming off of a Big East Championship, the Orange let down against Vermont, and without a doubt still angers many Orange fans to this day. Will the Orange be able to get revenge on Vermont? And if so, will it get ugly early?

Arinze Onuaku is also a question mark for the Boeheim led Orange. While he may not be needed to defeat Vermont on Friday night, he will be needed to overcome teams later in the tournament. If Onuaku’s knee is not able to get healthy, are the Orange even relevant in this tournament?

These are questions that we’ll have answers too sooner than later. Personally, I believe the game tomorrow night will get ugly, fast. Andy Rautins made reference too the game in 2005 after the match-ups came out on Selection Sunday, and there will be a sense of urgency for the Orange. As for Onuaku, hopefully he is able to get healthy because his defensive and rebound abilities will be essential to Syracuse making it to the Sweet 16 and beyond. I have Syracuse as my national champion, so I’m assuming Syracuse handily defeats Vermont, but more importantly Onuaku comes back healthy. They won’t get far without him.

photo credit: realclearsports.com