I can’t believe I’m actually writing about this, but the media has been making a huge deal about Tim Tebow’s Wonderlic Test results. The Wonderlic tests a person’s problem solving and learning ability, two critical key assesments to teams. Each player at the NFL Combine is subject to this one time test. Players have 12 minutes to answer 50 challenging problems. The average score among NFL players is 21. Tebow scored a 22 out of a possible 50 questions. Is this life-altering? No, it is considered below average in terms of quarterbacks, but it was a better score than Donovan McNabb.  McNabb scored a 14 on the test, one of the lowest scores ever for a quarterback. By my estimation, McNabb has had a good NFL career. 49ers underachieving quarterback, Alex Smith scored a 40. Enough said about this test…..

Instead of focusing on Tebow’s score, people need to focus on Tebow’s physical assets. He has shortened his throwing motion, performed well at the combine, and is ready for the NFL. Tebow is a bright player. One test will never make or break an individual.

If you are interested to see what the Wonderlic test is like, take this abbreviated online test. It’s only 2:25 and you must answer 10 questions. I got 9 out of 10, which can be projected to a score of 45. How’d you do?

Photo Credit: news.yahoo.com