Written By: Matt Vereb

This article topic was first tipped off by our friends at LoHud

The majority of fans across baseball cry for a salary cap. Many will argue that the Yankees have an unfair advantage over the competition. With the recession and credit bubble bursting, many are left with questions about the future. How can a sports teams spend $200 million on baseball players? It’s simple: Basic Investment Strategy.

Without going into too much detail, the Yankees’ YES Network is worth over $1 billion dollars. The Yankees always have the highest attendance in baseball, roughly 4 million per season. The Yankees made roughly $20 million on 2009 playoff ticket sales alone. That figure alone pays off Mark Teixeira’s 2009 salary. And we won’t even get into merchandise sales, advertising, etc. So you’ve got the Yankees, the investment behemoths, the ‘bad guys of the world’. At the forefront of this group against the Yanks, is Baltimore Ravens’ owner Steve Bischotti.

Bischotti had this to say about those damn Yankees:

“It certainly doesn’t show up in the standings,” Bisciotti said. “If I’m a Yankees fan, I’m upset we’re not winning 130 games with the roster that they have and the money that they pay out. I think it’s a disgrace they only beat the average team by 10 games in the standings with three times the money. I’d fire that GM. You don’t need a GM. All you have to do is buy the last Cy Young Award winner every year.”

Well, if only baseball were that easy, Mr. Bischotti. No one handed the Yankees billions of dollars. The Yankees created their own advantage. Mr. Steinbrenner reinvested his money into the team. The return has been great. The Players’ Association will never allow a salary cap. The Ravens should worry more about their Super Bowl hopes and their middle linebacker, Ray Lewis’s off-field activities.