Written By: Matt Vereb

Ex-Met First Baseman Carlos Delgado will not be signing any offers anytime soon. However, Delgado wants to play this season. Delgado is only 27 home runs away from the magical 500 HR total**. Delgado has never played in a World Series during his 18 year career.  Maybe he’ll sign by midseason? Delgado,37, seems to be heading down the same route that Roger Clemens(Yankees) and  Pedro Martinez(Phillies) did in past seasons. Both players signed with potential World Series teams during mid-season. Delgado played just 26 games last season for the Mets before having surgery.

The Mets and Marlins have been recently linked to Delgado. After the Mets signed Mike Jacobs(reported earlier today by Kenny Mauss), is there really a need for Delgado?

During a December interview with New York radio personality, Mike Francessa, Jose Reyes told New York that Delgado was the leader during his Met tenure and Delgado is still the leader. For what it’s worth, Reyes seemed truthful with that statement. Maybe Delgado is waiting to see if the Mets are a contender before returning?

Realisticall, Delgado’s best bet would be to DH for an American League team. Delgado has a career -3.8 UZR(Universal Zone Rating); meaning that he is somewhat of a liability defensively.

What do you think, New York? Do you want Delgado back or do you want to see Murphy(+5.4 UZR) or Jacobs(-6.1 UZR) play 1st base? Jacobs may offer more offense than Murphy but there is a distinct defensive difference.

**Every player that has hit 500 home runs has made the Hall of Fame.