Written By: Matt Vereb

Sigh. Nick Johnson is already injured and its only the 2nd day of exhibtion games. Johnson was expected to bat 2nd for the Yankees today, but was scratched due to lower back pain. Given Johnson’s injury history, many Yankee fans were wary of the off-season signing. Johnson and Girardi claim that this injury is not serious and Johnson could have played if it was a regular season game. It’s worth monitoring. The Yankees did face Roy Halladay today, so maybe Johnson just wanted a day at the spa instead. Can’t blame the guy.

Since 2001, Johnson has played 120+ games only four times. He has had a plethora injuries, including hand, back, wrist, face, lower leg, foot, neck, thigh and ‘general medical’ injuries. Johnson has never played as a DH, so we can only cross our fingers for 2010.

Photo Credit: news.yahoo.com