Written By: Matt Vereb

The New York Knicks lost by 20 points tonight. Without looking at a box score, an NBA fan would assume that the Knicks played a superior opponent. Maybe the Lakers, maybe the Magic. The Knicks lost 113-93 to the 7-55 New Jersey Nets. The Nets are averaging 90.2 PPG this season and totally outclassed the Knicks tonight.

A more staggering figure? The Knicks were 0 for 18 from 3-point land, an NBA record.

The Nets shot 50% from the field and 58% behind the arc. That was 58% better than the Knicks shot from 3. David Lee, the only Knick not to attempt a 3-pointer, had his usual solid game of 23 points and 6 rebounds. Maybe he should have shot one or two for history’s sake.

Overall, this is completely embarassing for the city. How are the Knicks going to ‘court’ King James if they can’t even beat the lowly Nets?

How Embarassed Do Knick Fans Feel?

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Photo Credit: news.yahoo.com