Written By: Matt Vereb

Yankees fans are aware that Derek Jeter will be a free-agent after this season.  Derek Jeter spent today fielding questions about his pending free agency. Chad Jennings at Lo Hud Yankees blog covered Jeter’s Press Conference today in Tampa

Jeter’s Press Conference can be summed up as:

1. Jeter is not worried about next season. His goal is winning a championship again in 2010.

2. He wants to play SHORTSTOP for the Yankees for as long as he can.

3. He only wants to play for the Yankees and has no interest in Free Agency.

This is standard “Je-tarian” dialogue. Team first, focused on the goal at hand, never looking ahead. This further proved Jeter is a class act and will go down as one of the best Yankees of all-time.

Photo Credit: news.yahoo.com