Written By: Matt Vereb

The New York State of Sports website is conducting a fantasy baseball draft for the 2010 season. Serpentine-style draft with Roto scoring (AVG, Runs, HRs, RBIs, Steals, Wins, Saves, Ks, WHIP, ERA) in a weekly head-to-head format. I will post results for every three rounds with reactions. Feel free to comment or do whatever with the posts. Have fun.

Kenny Alex Matt Mike Bobby Brian Adam Lupo
Round 1 Pujols, 1B H. Ramirez, SS A-Rod, 3B Braun, OF Utley, 2B Mauer, C Longoria, 3B Crawford, OF
Round 2 Lincecum, SP R. Howard, 1B M. Cabrera, 1B Tulowitzki, SS Kemp, OF Rollins, SS Teixeira, 1B Fielder, 1B
Round 3 Wright, 3B Halladay, SP J. Upton, OF Holliday, OF F. Hernandez, SP C. Beltran, OF Ellsbury, OF C. Sabathia, SP

Through three rounds, there really aren’t any big surprises in the draft. Everyone has a solid base for their team.

Reach Picks:

Troy Tulowitzki, Justin Upton, and Carlos Beltran

Troy Tulowitzki hit 32 HRs and drove in 92 runs last season. Tulowitzki had a horrible quad injury in 2008 that stunted his growth as a player. However, he had a great 2009 campaign. Can he duplicate it? That’s the big question. Given the other known players drafted in the middle of 2nd, I question Mike’s selection. He does play at Coors Field and SS is a premium position. We’ll see how it works out.

Justin Upon has a world of potential. When he was draft, scouts compared him to Alex Rodgriugez and Ken Griffey Jr. Upton posted his first career 20/20 season last year and will look to build on that in 2010. Upton has 40/40 potential. I knew I wasn’t going to get a shot at that if I let him slide past Pick 19. Fantasy titles aren’t won by playing it safe.

Carlos Beltran is going to miss the first month of the season due to knee surgery. Selecting Beltran at #22 makes me think Brian assume he’ll be back to his normal 30/30 numbers. I doubt Beltran can get to 30/30, given his injury history and the confines of Citi Field. Beltran could have easily been rounds later, but Brian opted to grab him early. But if he comes back, the pick will pay off for Brian.

Best Value:

David Wright

Kenny got a steal by selecting Wright at #17. Even with his low HR total last season, Wright is a 5-category fantasy player. I fully expect him to bounce back this season. Bay is solid protection and Beltran should be back to form by June. He’s a steal at #17. I had a difficult time deciding between him and Miguel Cabrera, even with A-Rod on my team.

What do you think of the first three rounds of the draft?

Photo Credit: moondogsports.com