Written By: Matt Vereb

First reported yesterday, a Canadian doctor, Tony Galea will be under federal investigation for performance-enhancing drug violations. Galea faces charges of smuggling HGH and Actoveign from Canada into the US. The extent of Rodriguez’s relationsihp with Galea is unknown, but Rodriguez was treated by Canadian doctor, Mark Lindsay, after his hip surgery last season. Linsday and Galea work at the same Toronto-based clinic, Affinity Group.

Dr. Lindsay has deep tie to the BALCO labs, labs that supplied athletes with steroids, in San Francisco. Lindsay and Galea have collaborated to work on “blood-spinning” efforts that involve directly injecting an athlete’s healthy blood into the injured area to increase healing efficiency.

Rodriguez is not in harm’s way here. Jose Reyes and Tigers Woods have also been linked to Lindsay. A-Rod did fail a drug test last season. As long as he cooperates with the feds, like he said he will, there will be no issue.

Photo Credit: News.yahoo.com